Assistance when problems occur

Wellcare’s operators will contact you for free, suggest appropriate actions and will coordinate your efforts to solve the problem in the emergency situations:

  • Your baggage did not arrive on time or was lost. Your flight was delayed or canceled. You missed your flight or cannot fly for any reason.
  • You’ve lost a wallet, documents, credit cards, tickets.
  • You found yourself in an emergency situation (natural disaster, threat of violence, terrorist or military action) and you need emergency help.
  • You have health problems or you’ve been in an accident.
  • You are involved in a road accident or found yourself in a police station. You need a lawyer or an interpreter.
  • You have problems at the border or customs when entering or leaving the country.
  • You need urgent medical consultation in Russian.


Wellcare’s operators will advise you on issues related to:

  • Dialing rules (incoming/outgoing calls, city codes).
  • Standards, tariff plans, the coverage areas of cellular networks.
  • Rules of import-export of animals, weapons and cash currency to/ from the countries of service.
  • Registration of the international driving license.
  • Visa applications.
  • The availability and price of airline tickets and hotel rooms.
  • The selection of car rental companies.


Wellcare’s operators will provide you with the necessary information in the country of staying:

  • Addresses and phone numbers of:
    • Embassies and consular institutions on the territory of the countries of service, government agencies and law enforcement authorities;
    • Public and private points of emergency aid and health service;
    • Representatives of the airlines, airports, car rental companies;
    • Emergency services: rescue services, fire service, police, accident aid, emergency medical care.
  • Current and 14 days weather forecast worldwide.
  • Current currency rates in the country of staying and the exchange rate of cash currency according to official and public sources.
  • Flights’ schedule.

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